WordPress 5.5! Are you excited to know about it?

Wordpress 5.5

WordPress is a powerful CMS and blogging tool. Everyone loves blogging with WordPress. We know most of personal to business websites are running on WordPress. WordPress provides best interface to create websites. It’s easy to use interface is just awesome. WordPress is now a best CMS in the world. Best part of the WordPress is it’s largest community and support.

Everyone loves WordPress. In this case, the newer thing in WordPress is a big surprise for us. So, here is the new version of WordPress i.e. WordPress 5.5 which comes with new power in three major areas: speed, search, and security. Wow, it such a big surprise.

Let’s discus about the new featured introduced in WordPress 5.5 in detail:

High Speed – boost website with WordPress

WordPress 5.5 used lazy-loaded images which helps to Posts and pages load faster. In our website images plays vital role in appearance of article. But sometimes they make our website slower in speed. In this version of WordPress images wait to load until they’re just about to scroll into view.

Lazy load, the term is enough to introduce itself. That mean it uses a mechanism to load images in which images will loaded when reader reaches at that point. In this way, site will load faster than usual. On mobile, lazy loading can also keep browsers from loading files meant for other devices. Which helps to save readers money on data — and help preserve battery life mobile phone.

Get indexed in Search Engine Easily

WordPress 5.5 introduced new sitemap. WordPress sites work well with search engines without any interruption. Now it includes an XML sitemap that helps search engines discover our most important pages withing seconds of publishing on the website. So more people will find your site as soon as it goes live. It will gives us more time to engage, retain and convert the visitors to subscribers, customers or whatever fits our definition of success.

Make website more secure

We can enable Auto-updates for Plugins and Themes as in previous version. Auto updates helps us to remain our website up-to-date. If any of the theme or plugin become absolute, there is chances of hacking increases. So we need to use latest code available. Another best part of WordPress 5.5 is, we can also turn auto-updates on or off for each plugin or theme we have installed — all on the same screens you’ve always used.

Don’t like Auto Updates feature, Still do not need to worry

Most of WordPress used doesn’t enable auto update because they use third party themes and plugin which cannot be updated from the WordPress directory. In this case we have to update it manually. But now that is also become easier – just upload a ZIP file and you’re done.

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Block editor

Once again, the latest WordPress release includes a long list of exciting new features for the block editor. Blocks are content elements that makes easier to the edit and create content layouts. Each item you add to your post or page is a block which contain specific information or media. It is very easy like abc, we just need to click on the add new block button and then choose a block type according to the content you are going to create. That’s all.

Block patterns

WordPress 5.5 introduces some new block patterns which make it simple and fun to create complex, beautiful layouts, using combinations of text and media that we can mix and match to fit your story. We will also find block patterns in a wide variety of plugins and themes, with more added all the time. Click on any of them from a single place — just click and go!

Inline image editing

Another amazing feature of WordPress 5.5 is inline image editing which allows us to crop, rotate, and zoom your photos right from the image block. Images makes our article impressive but most of the time we waste our time just for image editing like cropping, rotating, etc. Now this features of WordPress 5.5 can save our time.

Block Directory

WordPress 5.5 has made a great improvements in block directory. Now it’s easier to find the suitable block in mean time. This makes us feel comfortable while writing articles. In this version block directory built into the block editor,which enables us to install new block types to our site without leaving the editor screen. It saves a lot of time.

Beside all these features, it provides a good interface to user. The top menu bar helps us to change block type easily. It helps to change the appearance of the content with ease. We can change the formatting of any element just with a single click.

The new block editor of WordPress 5.5 has a lot of features. I personally loved this very much. I recommend you to use it once then you will also start to love it. Just check it out.

Amazing Accessibility

While we talk about the accessibility of the WordPress it is best in content editing and publishing. It’s a lot of features allows us to create article with the widest possible range of abilities, operating within the widest possible range of situations. WordPress adds improvements to the accessible publishing experience to every updates.

Now you can copy links in media screens and modal dialog with a button, instead of trying to highlight a line of text. You can also move meta boxes with the keyboard, and edit images in WordPress with your assistive device, as it can read you the instructions in the image editor.

Something for developers too.

WordPress 5.5 has made a lot big things to developer too. here we Will discuss about the changes brought in this version for developers:

Server-side blocks in the REST API

WordPress 5.5 has added block types endpoints which means that JavaScript apps like the block editor can retrieve definitions for any blocks registered on the server without additional tools.


Dashicons are a built-in core set of font icons that were introduced back in WordPress 3.8. WordPress 5.5 has added 39 block editor icons along with 26 others to it’s library.

Defining environments

WordPress 5.5 now has a standardized way to define a site’s environment type (staging, production, etc). Retrieve that type with wp_get_environment_type() and execute only the appropriate code.

Passing data to template files

The template loading functions (get_header(), get_template_part(), etc.) have a new $args argument. So now you can pass an entire array’s worth of data to those templates.

Powerful features for developers in WordPress 5.5

  • Updated PHPMailer library.
  • Get more fine-grained control of redirect_guess_404_permalink().
  • New wp_opcache_invalidate() function. (including to plugins and themes).
  • Custom post types can be used as default term.
  • Specify default terms for custom taxonomies in register_taxonomy().
  • The REST API supports specifying default metadata values through register_meta().
  • Updated versions of bundled libraries (SimplePie, Moment.js, Twemoji, getID3, Masonry, imagesLoaded and clipboard.js) included.


WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS which helps us to build dynamic websites and blogs with ease. It is being used in various types of website. It’s creation tools are best ever. That’s why it is a most powerful CMS. Every time WordPress tries to bring something new for its user and the result is here. WordPress 5.5 also added some great features. WordPress always gives priority to security, speed and accessibility of website.

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