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Coding classes for kids as young as six years of age is now a new craze that has gripped the parents in Nepal. Although that might sound crazy, educational experts consider it’s best to start coding at a young age.

The practice of teaching school students to code is normal all around the world. Many schools in our neighboring country India have added coding to their regular syllabus. While such classes lag in the Nepalese curriculum, the need for coding for children has been felt by Nepalese institutions as well. Considering such a need, Digital Ad Platform has launched Learn Hub with online coding classes for kids. 

Admana is a digital marketing agency that commits effective digital marketing in the Nepalese context. The company has been delivering services like banner marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, celebrity marketing, cost-effective TV ads, and more.

Now, Admana is in the market with its latest product that includes Online coding classes for Kids. The course has been designed under the supervision of international experts to deliver rightful content to young minds. 

The courses are available in various durations: 8 Hours, 32 Hours, 64, and 96 hours. Parents can buy the course online from www.LearnHub.Online

Although the concept sounds fabulous, the question is how kids can learn to code while still in school. As LearnHub comes with the online classes that are conducted in their free time- morning or evening, your kid can continue their school without any disturbance. The real question is, what is the right age to start? Well, the sooner they start, the better.

“Coding gives children technical skills to lead the future and prepares them for tough competition in the future”, says Dipesh Khetan, Founder and CEO.

Most schools don’t teach coding to their kids but parents are keen to add this hottest trend to their children’s skill set. That’s because coding develops imaginative power among the kids and makes them better at organizing and planning. These classes even help the kids who don’t want to become a programmer- the major aim of the course is to enable logical thinking to the kids. This special course is all about developing a vision to compete with the future market and stand outside the crowd.

So, does an online coding class for kids sound like something you would recommend?

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