How to pass the PSC exam? Best Tips & Tricks


Are you preparing for PSC examination? If so, these tips will be very useful for you. What kind of questions come up, how to prepare, how to write in the exam, how to get prepared for interview and how to succeed in getting a government job?

Everyone who studies has their own way. Everyone who has reached at this level has completed higher education and gained some professional skills. So everyone tries to do their best and that is the thing which helps them to get success. Here we will discuss about some tips and tricks that you should follow to get positive result.

At present, to do job not only in the PSC, but also in institutions, security agencies and at all local levels, we have to pass the examination conducted by Public Service Commission. Therefore, there is a lot of competition in the Public Service Commission. There is also faith in the commission based on the belief that it will be fair.

Best way to pass the PSC exam

First of all, before you take the PSC exam, you must have faith and confidence that if you work hard and move forward, you will succeed. Believe that all examx conducted by the PSC are impartial.

Second, there is a difference between the PSC exam and other exams. Bringing 60 percent elsewhere is considered a very good pass. Even if the students pass, that is not enough for the Public Service Commission.

If 10 people are demanded in the advertisement and there are 10 people who bring 90%, pass the exam and remaining who brings less than 90%, fails. So the competition is high. In order to pass the PSC, one has to work hard from many angles on the way of reading, the way of memorizing what has read and the way of writing.

The third but most important thing is the theme. Everything can be arranged once the subject matter is mastered. You can be successful if you manage everything by making yourself proficient in the subject.

You should be able to write your preparation in the answer sheet before going for the exam. And, if you can do the right thing and cover everything you ask for, you will definitely pass the PSC exam.

What should you read?

Make the curriculum the very basis for that. All questions are asked based on the syllabus. While reading, read the topics related to the curriculum keeping in mind the contemporary topics, the topics that come up in daily practice keeping in mind both theoretical and practical aspects. Because the question seeks both theoretical and practical answers.

What is the basis of the theoretical background of the subject in question? Why couldn’t it be implemented? What are the problems? What are the solutions to the problem? You should be able to answer that way.

You don’t read many books. References don’t have to be read much. If you need to read on a subject and add to it, it is better to read another book. It also unites the mind. If you start reading a variety of subjects, your mind will be zigzagged. Therefore, it is better to study the same subject or make a note in your own way even if you have read a lot.

Contemporary national and international issues need to be kept in mind. When writing, you should not always write long stories. Many students feel that the answer to the question is their own and that they write a lot in their own way. What exactly was the question asked? The answer should be given only on the basis of the question seeks an answer. We come up with a matching text. The test also seems to be good but the answer to the question may not be correct.

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Another thing is that if a question is of 10 integers, it may also have fragments. If the question is asked in 4 sections, the integer of each is 2.5. You wrote only 2 part answers and only 5 points. No matter how well you do it, 3 numbers will come. That’s 3 out of 10. Therefore, all sections should be included equally.

Even a handwriting also has a role in PSC exam. If your handwriting is good, it will be easy for the examiner. Good and clear handwriting attract the mind of the examiner.

Another important thing for PSC Examinee is time management. If you can touch all the questions and write them keeping in mind the questions and the given time, it will have a positive effect on the results. When there is no time management, even if a question is very good, if a question is left out, it does not do well. This issue should also be taken care of.

People who have been successful in writing do not make much difference in matters related to the interview. And less likely to be thrown away. So focus as much as you can on the written test.


How to prepare objective questions?

  • It is better to read a book as the main basis. It is advisable to use other books as a reference.
  • First look. Highlight new, unfamiliar and important data or topics. When you read it for the second time, make a note of the remaining subject to remember. Formulate some data that needs to be remembered in the Ascending and Descending Order. This makes it easier to remember important things.
  • You should not rely solely on a single author’s book. You should also check online and magazines regularly. It should be clear from the Internet and official publications that the important data in the newspapers should be noted and the topics that you find doubly.
  • It is appropriate to sit down and discuss with your classmates to recall what you have read. Discussions in groups are effective when preparing objective questions. Different ideas of friends are also shared.
  • Content like English, IQ, GK should be given equal value. Being very good in one and weak in others can lead to cheating in exams.
  • Preparation should be based on the curriculum. The subjects included in the syllabus should be given proportional time. For example, most of my friends spend much time on IQ and less time on other subjects.
  • During the exam, the questions that you know well should be completed on time and the remaining questions will be re-visited later. Be aware that any questions are missing.
  • It is also beneficial to take preparation classes. While participating in the sample exams, one becomes accustomed to managing the time in the exams.

How to prepare theoretical questions of PSC Exam?

  • The content should be studied systematically. In-depth study of the subject is necessary.
  • Collect meaning and definition. Make one or two notes that you think are best. You should never be confused about what to write in the first paragraph of any question in the exam. If the definition and meaning of any subject is well understood, the question can be solved even if there is not much information about the rest of the subject.
  • Analyze the importance, characteristics and objectives of a subject. You need to take care about sentence structure when writing answers.
  • Analyze national and international arrangements, opportunities, problems, challenges, solution efforts and solution measures. These bases are the main area of ​​study.
  • For knowledge of such issues, you should read the Constitution, Acts, Rules, Government Policies, Government Periodic Plans, Government Policies and Programs, Annual Budget and various official bulletins as much as possible.
  • It is better to read related newspapers regularly for contemporary knowledge. While reading the newspaper, you can also see the sentence structure, the structure of the analysis and the logical aspect of the editorial part.
  • Taking preparation classes helps in preparation. It is better to read and write the answers to the questions based on the exam. Showing the answers you have written to the teachers and seniors and getting feedback will improve your preparation. When preparing in this way, it is better to prepare in the same way as you can write in the allotted time.

How to solve theoretical questions of PSC Exam?

  • What is the introduction of the content? You need to think about how to write definitions differently and creatively.
  • The answer should be formatted in one format. Even if you have a question from a subject that you don’t know enough about, you can write something based on the format. No question should be left unresolved.
  • The format of the answer can be divided into three parts by introduction section, main section and conclusion.
  • Introduction section should be short, official and original. For example, if you have to write about what the right to information is, first of all write your own definition. In second step, write down how the constitution defined it. At the end write something about Right to Information Act. Writing the definition in this way reflects its originality as well as its authenticity.
  • The main section should focus on what the question demands. Which is appropriate to write in a systematic way.
  • Writing should be in a structure. For example, if the question is asked what is the provision for addressing any issue in Nepal, It is better to include related topics like what is in the constitution?, What is the legal provision?, What are the policies?, What are the institutional arrangements?, How are they included in the periodic plan?, What are the arrangements made in the annual budget? What are the programs?, etc.
  • It is appropriate to shorten the sentences. It is better to write complete sentences as much as possible.
  • Simple sentences are more appropriate than making a lot of words.
  • To put your original argument in the conclusion. Write a conclusion based on the topic of the main part, but do not write a summary.
  • Handwriting should be as clear and understandable as possible. You don’t even have to write a very long answer. You need to make a pre-plan by writing the question of how many marks are being given to the answer.
  • Appear in the exam with confidence, It helps you to write the answer you know with ease.

How to get prepared for interview?

  • Attend in formal and clean attire. Don’t wear flashy clothes.
  • Address all interviewers at once. And, sit disciplined in the designated chair.
  • The interviewer can also present a good subject in a bad way to understand the psychology of the examinee. So answer in the positive way.
  • Don’t be afraid to give interviews. Be confident.
  • Some people are found moving their legs, combing their hair, biting their teeth, etc. during the interview. Never do such a thing. Make the atmosphere of the interview thrilling. Answer with a smile. Make a positive impression on the interviewer.
  • Don’t pretend like something you don’t know. Confidently tell whatever you know. Don’s say like I have not studied this subject.
  • Turn the interview to a topic that you find easier, as you can add other questions based on the answers you give. For example: What do you like to do? If you say that I like to make computer programs, you may be asked many other questions about computer programs. So be aware of such issues.
  • During the interview, go and study by understanding the current national and international developments.
  • Don’t try to influence the interviewer. Don’t say like I have used source/force, you have to pass me, if you have mercy, etc. but you can add up something like I will be successful according to the qualification system.
  • Conclude the interview by saying that even if you are successful, You will work hard again.

What is the scope of Civil Service?

In recent times, the center of attraction for all is the government service. Civil Service is also an important service in government service. There is security of service in the civil service. Services can be provided through direct contact with the public. Another thing is that government service is the work of the government, the government’s official duties and responsibilities to serve the society.

The more you do it, the better you will be able to do it, and the better the public view will be. One is the security of the service, the other is the possibility of growth and the other is the guarantee of financial security as well as social security even after retirement. The most important of these is the PSC. A person who has entered the PSC is successful if he is able to advance himself ethically, dedicatedly and professionally. And, it also has scope.


Don’t forget what happened in the past. If you are interested in joining the Civil Service, start today. It is not difficult to them who invest time in study, preparation of PSC exam. In the case of those who cannot give time, it is not so easy. The main thing is how much time can be given? How much can be read with dedication ? Can it be given continuity or not? That are the main thing which matters.

There are many examples of campus gold medalist friends who failed in PSC Exam in the first round and those who passed with a low percentage succeeded in PSC exam with ease. So, once you failed the exam and don’t give up reading, otherwise you will never be succeeded. I think patience, perseverance and diligence are the key to success.

*** Best of luck for PSC Exam ***

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