Most important websites to surf for free in Nepal 2077

Free Internet in Nepal

The Internet begin to be more important in our life every day which is a greatest innovation that changed our view on media and correspondence and different things. Internet is the ocean of information where a lots of data stored on every topics or subjects. In this era of technology, we can’t imagines that how much data it has stored? So, here we will discuss about importance of internet and how can we use internet for free in Nepal?

Why do we need internet?

Internet has become a essential tool for our everyday life because of its ease to use, diversity and speed. We can search everything using search engines like Google search engine, Bing search engine, Yahoo! search engine, etc. These search engine allows us to search any information on different topic or subject that we want with ease. We can access to the internet using our cell phone or thorough the desktop or laptop computers.

We can search information on any topic or subject without difficulty. The internet database is full of data and information like text, images, videos, etc. and offers us a lot of services. Some of them are for free and some of the are paid which makes our life easier. We can use the internet as communication tools to contact our family, friends, relatives, coworkers and different organization as well without any hassles. Its speed makes easy to reach what we need in very short time. The internet is much cheaper than the other communication medium such as postal office, telephones, FM radio, television, etc.

What is Internet and how it works?
What is Telecommunication Technology?

Nepal Telecom providing Free internet in Nepal!

Not everyone knows how many websites can be viewed for free from Nepal Telecom’s network. Telecom had started the facility of viewing the websites of the Government of Nepal from mobile data for free from 1st Baishakh, 2074 BS. So enjoy free internet in Nepal.

The service was launched with the objective of increasing public access to government information and data. In the three years since the service began, about 600 websites have been added.

According to Nepal Telecom, about 600 websites in the government-run domain can be browsed for free through the GSM mobile network.

Very Important website that we can surf for free

Free internet in Nepal doesn’t mean completely free. Here is some very Important website that we can surf for free are as follows:

At the end

We can do a lot of thing with the help of internet. But there is a main problem, cost of internet. With the help of internet we can get latest news, live updates from every corner of the world. We can contact our loved one using different social media. So, Nepal Telecom is trying to provide free internet in Nepal. For now, we can surf only governmental website for free but in near future we will get more offers from Nepal Telecom. Providing free internet is Nepal is a big challenge in economically backed country like Nepal. Still Nepal Telecom trying to provide best services.