English Language and It’s Importance

English Language

English is an international language. It is considered to be a prestigious and standard language in the world. It is the most popular and dominant language spoken all over the world. English is widely used as a native language, second language and foreign language throughout the world. English language has become lingua frank in the world.

Definition of English Language

Realizing the importance of English language Stupith, Et Al. (1994, P.1) say “English is the most widely used language in the history of our planet, one in every seven can speak it. More than half of the world’s books and three quarter of international mails are in English. Of all languages, English has the largest vocabulary perhaps as many as two millions words.”

English Language got special prominence as a world language during the 19th century. The establishment of the United Nations Organizations (UNO) is one of the key factors for the massive increment of the demand of the English Language. At present English has become dominant and imperialist language which everyone needs to learn.

Thus, It can be said that English language is the necessity of present day. More than half communicative medias are using English. On the hand, internet is the backbone of the communication and it uses English language. Therefore, English language is the most important language of the world.

ELT in Nepal

As English is dominant and imperialist language, it has been taught for many years in Nepal. It has been taught as a foreign language in Nepal. The teaching of English in Nepal formally began with the establishment of Durbar High School in 1854 A.D. by Janga Bahadur Rana. Then in 1919 A.D., It was included in higher education with establishment of Tri-Chandra College. At present English is taught and learnt as a foreign language at different school and University levels in Nepal. English has been prescribed as a compulsory subject of primary, lower secondary, and higher secondary level in Nepal. Similarly, English is taught as a compulsory and optional subject in different universities in Nepal.

There are many issues and challenges in the sector of English language teaching in Nepal because it is not the language of our country and we are learning it as foreign language. Most of the teacher use GT method. We find many English language classes are very large consisting of one hundred students where English language class becomes less appropriate and noisy. English language teachers are untrained in Nepal. They are not able to follow modern strategies of teaching English. Even trained teachers prefer to use traditional methods because of lack of sufficient ELT resources and material.

Grammar and its importance in language teaching

Grammar is the set of rules that describes how words and groups of words can be arranged to form sentences in a particular language. In other words, grammar is the rules in a language for changing the form of words and joining them into sentences.

Hornbly (1991 P.542) defines grammar as “a study or sciences of rules for forming words and combining them into sentences.” Analyzing these definitions we can say that grammar is the set of rules for forming sentences in a language. It is the best backbone of a language.

The central part of a language is its grammar. It brings accuracy in a language. Therefore, the knowledge of grammar is essential for the mastery of a language because it is necessary to know how words are combined together for forming sentences.

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According the Richard Et Al. (1985, P.125), “Grammar is a description of the structure of a language and the way in which linguistic units such as words and phrase are combined to produce sentences in the language. It usually takes into account the meaning and functions these sentences have in the overall system of the language. It may or may not include the description of the sounds of the language.”

Grammar plays central role in language teaching. It helps learners produce grammatically acceptable sentences. In a second language learning situation, where complete exposure to the target language is not possible, formal grammar will be useful because knowledge of grammar makes the learners more aware of the correct use of language. Words cannot be put together into meaningful ways. Grammatical rules help learners to put words together in meaningful ways.

English Grammar for Secondary Level

English Language

Teaching of grammar plays vital role in teaching language. The use of grammatical items in an appropriate situation and context makes a language meaningful and purposeful. The SLC examination specification grid 2063 had allocated 11 marks for the grammatical terms which very specific in areas of grammatical items than previous years of the SLC examinations.

The grammatical items included in that SLC grid were very limited and insufficient to test the proficiency of language as they were confined within certain areas only. But if we view the present SLC grid 2065 we can see wide ranges of grammatical items which are essential to learn and develop English language skills for every learner. The grammatical items included in the secondary level curriculum are as follows:

  1. Articles
  2. Preposition
  3. Question Tag
  4. Concord
  5. Transformation
  6. Tense
  7. Voice
  8. Report Speech
  9. Connectives
  10. Causative Verbs
  11. Conditional

Problems in teaching Grammar in Nepal

Grammar is the backbone of language. It brings accuracy in the language. But most of the teacher ignores the teaching of grammar. Moreover, some of the teacher uses traditional method to teaching grammar.

They don’t teach grammar communicatively. As a result, students happen to produce grammatically unacceptable sentences. In the name of the fluency students grammatical competency is greatly threatened. Although different grammatical items are included in the text books of secondary level. Most of the teachers seem unwilling to teach grammar communicatively and students are not as proficient in grammar as they should be. Furthermore, the students of public school tend to be less proficient in grammar.


English Language is like our friend because it is the only one language spoken and understood by the whole world. Being an international language, it helps us to communicate with others while we are in abroad. If we don’t know English language, then it becomes headache while we go out of the country for study, job, visit or any other reason. So, if we can speak in English fluently, then we can communicate with whole world.